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Matched Betting to Forex Trading

Maybe you’ve looked at Forex trading and been worried about losing money?

There’s a simple answer!…don’t risk what you already have!…make new money!…and use that!

…and best of all?..make it TAX FREE!

The information on this page is in 4 parts:

Income 1 is for UK residents only and the money you make is TAX FREE.

Income 1a is the same as above but for for residents of Australia and New Zealand only and the money you make is TAX FREE.

Income 2 – Forex Trading & FUNDED ACCOUNTS -this section is for people who want to make more money after they have made some using the tax free solutions above.

A FUNDED ACCOUNT is where you have a proven strategy, take a test and pass.

Then you will be given access to up to $100,000 for trading. You are NOT using your own money!

One suggestion is that Income’s 1 and 2 can be used to make the money to finance Income 3.

The plan is to build up new capital to start your Forex trading WITHOUT risking ANY existing capital you may have.

With that covered please read on…

Income 1 – for UK residents only and TAX FREE!

You really need a minimum of about USD1000/GBP750 to start forex trading properly so this first step is ideal if you don’t have a spare cash or you don’t want to risk what you have!

Matched betting is not gambling because whatever the outcome of the 2 pairs of bets you make a profit…just follow the simple instructions given.

There’s an excellent video explanation of matched betting when you visit the main site.

There is also a written step-by-step version here. A new tab will open and you do not lose this page.

Important Note

Even if you have never placed a bet in your life you can do this! You simply watch the training videos and follow the very detailed step-by-step guides and you make money!

It was December 2014 when I showed Mark a way to Make Money Tax Free.

He’s UK based and was, therefore, able to take full advantage of the situation.

Fast forward to today and he estimates his total TAX FREE PROFIT will be about £36,000!

That’s an average of £600 a month!

And he started with the matched betting strategy you will be shown! So my question to you is would you like to do the same as Mark?

You’ll need roughly £150 – £200 capital to begin and the company shows you how to make about £50 BEFORE you start paying the monthly fee of £17.99.  

And that on-going cost can be covered by your monthly winnings!

In your back office you have all the tools, videos and training you need to do this and there are NO upsells!

By the way, the £150 – £200 is used to make money tax free and not spent on some information product.

Before I go any further let me say, none of these incomes involve mlm.

You could be living on Hoy (an island in Orkney, Scotland) and still make money with all 3 as long as you have internet access.


Income 1a – Matched Betting in Australia and New Zealand

Every day, Australian bookmakers give away free cash in the form of bonus bets.

At bonusbank they use a risk-free technique called Matched Betting to turn those bonus bets into cash that you can withdraw straight to your bank account.

There’s a written step-by-step explanation of Matched Betting here. A new tab will open and you do not lose this page.

Their Matched Betting tutorials, calculators, & software have helped thousands of Australians to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bookies.

If you’re looking for a risk-free way to make money online, there is no better option than Matched Betting!

The FREE account option is great!…here’s what you get…

9 Introductory Matched Betting Tutorials

One Bookmaker Tutorial Where You Can Earn Up To $70 Risk-Free

A Lite version of our ATM Oddsmatcher Software

A Basic Matched Betting Calculator To Help You Cash-In Your First Bonus

Access to our ‘Free Members Forum’ and Facebook Group

And just like in the UK this free membership requires No Payment Details

That $70 you can make risk free more than covers the first month

Get in there and start getting your share!


Income 2 – Forex Trading with a FUNDED ACCOUNT

This is a monthly membership of an education company that is helping people develop a new skillset they can use ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. (Hint: you could move to a country where it’s TAX FREE!)

Using the money you make in the other steps enables you to start Forex trading WITH NO EXTRA OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS!

This Funded Account plan is a option, and you can always use your own money, but if you want to accelerate your income using capital, up to $100,000, supplied by someone else that seems to make a lot of sense!

Especially as you are NOT responsible for any trading losses.

This is real money and profits are shared monthly on the basis of 70% to you and 30% to the funding company.

You would need to prove you are capable of producing consistent monthly profits by applying for, and taking, a 3 month trial using a demo account and not your own money.

You need to be a member of the company on this page, learn their Price Action strategy and prove your capability.

On that same page there’s an image with an explanation to help with your learning and the indicators shown are exclusive to our members.

Both the monthly fee for the Matched Betting site and the Forex training can be paid for by the monthly profit from the Matched Betting.

You will need money to start the Matched Betting, about £300-£500 in Betfair and about £200 to place the first bets with Bookies.

Even there you have the opportunity to make money with some guaranteed bets before you subscribe.

This is NOT money spent and lost, it’s money being used in different accounts and you get it back along with the profit you make.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, and reasons, for Matched Betting please read this summary.

To learn more about the company that teaches you the Price Action strategy go here.

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You Are so Close to Success! Don’t Be the One to Walk Away!

Link Summary

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UK Only

To learn more about Matched Betting click on the banner below or here if there’s no banner showing on your device.

Australia and New Zealand Only

To learn about matched betting go here.

I’m sure you will have some questions so you are welcome to contact Phil on facebook

Finally…why do you need a Plan B?…go to the page ‘ALARM BELLS’ on this site and read what is going to happen.

And for the Forex page click on the image below.