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Trader On Chart is a Position Size Calculator and MT4 Trade Panel that help you trade easily from the chart on MT4 Desktop.

With Trader On Chart, you can open trades 10 times faster in one click because it will calculate lot size automatically based on your preset stop loss, take profit and money management settings.

This includes creating your stop loss automatically in MT4 using your pre-selected SL.

That saves time, and those few seconds of risk, before you manually enter a stoploss.


Instead of managing FOREX trades on 20 MT4 accounts you can do this only on a single MT4 account!

Local Trade Copier is a special software for MetaTrader 4 platform which helps retail Forex traders and account managers duplicate trading positions between multiple accounts running on the same computer/VPS so they won’t need to repeat the same trade operations on each MT4 platform individually.

No matter what country you’re in there’s probably someone you who can help you buy or sell Bitcoin.

Use the most trusted P2P Bitcoin exchange in the world, where you can find the widest variety of trading partners, currencies and payment methods.

Use LocalBitcoins

To check the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization use either CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko

To use a satoshi calculator go to BTCSatoshi

When you need to check the conversion rate between Satoshi and USD go here