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STS Multi Timeframe Display


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The Multi Timeframe tool is one of several  available only to members of Simple Trading Solutions.

With this tool added to your MT4 you can drag any currency pair in to your MT4 window and repeat, say, three times.

Then, as an example, change each currency window to H4, H1, M30 and M15 as shown below.

After that’s done when you drag any other pair from the Market Watch section of the Navigator to the top left currency window the other three windows will change automatically keeping the three different timeframes.

That enables you to see the trend based on 4 different timeframes simultaneously.

To enlarge each image click on it and a new tab will open. You will not lose this page.


Another example showing the navigator and Market Watch section


The Multi Chart tool is exclusive for STS members and you can read more about STS here.

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