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The company, STS, is not an MLM recruiting machine, it’s a business whose sole function is to educate people.

Your income is NOT dependent on building a vast team of people, it’s based on learning another skillset which can be used regardless where you live or move to.

There is…





Ok, let’s get started…

Meet the Trade Confirmer

This is a custom built trade entry confirmation using a 10 data point combination.

Tells you when to enter a trade using our Price Action strategy.

Look at the position of the two red arrows, the position of the green arrow, the bar in the bottom right AND, finally, the Trend Confirmer-those red/green dotted lines at the bottom.

The red/green arrows are guides for a candle structure you’ll learn about which gives you the actual entry point.

Another example of the Trade Confirmer

EUR/JPY October 19

In the example below the Trade Confirmer helped me win a GBP/CAD trade giving a 1.4% return on the account. A good way to spend a couple of hours!

You know you have something special when…

…the company owner runs 2 x 2+ hour recorded webinars/week, and has done for the past year.

…every Monday he gives members his personally selected list of currency pairs and where/why he would enter trades that week.

…the members use their own Telegram group to tell each other when there’s a setup that may lead to a trade.

That’s like working in the same room as 50 other traders all helping each other!…priceless!

All this can lead to you getting your own Funded Account!

And now you’re asking what the hell is a funded account?

Don’t worry, there’s a link at the bottom of this page for you to read…

Now…here’s your dilemma…the current price is $97/month and with the new site about to be launched, the improvements and new indicator the value increases and that monthly will go up…

You know what’s coming don’t you… 🙂 …join now, lock in to the current price for life rather than delay and have to pay about $167/month.


Works on Indices as Well! This is the US30 on a 15 Minute Chart

Identifies when to buy, when to sell AND when to exit


Another STS Indicator – Imagine Getting Alerts When There’s a Colour Change

This indicator, which will be available to you, automatically sends alerts when either the BUYERS or SELLERS take control. It’s easy to use and works on most time frames!


Trading via Your Cellphone

This is now possible and although I’d rather use a laptop because it allows me to use the indicators there’s nothing stopping you from going out after you’ve entered a trade and checking it via your phone.

You can open trades, close trades, set a stoploss, set a take profit simply by having the MT4 app installed on your phone.

The images below are screenshots from my phone, click any one of them to enlarge.

Each one opens in the same tab so remember to use the browser back button to return to this page.


Copy Trading

Another exciting product coming soon is the Copy Trading.

This simply means that your Forex broker account is linked to a Master Account and all trades taken are copied to yours.

It’s estimated that a $1000 account could make about 30% – 50% a month.

Let’s assume that happens…it means the return from that account will more than pay for your monthly subscription while you learn the Price Action strategy.

And learning that strategy will give you another skillset which you can use in any country.

If you’re currently in a retail business, as an owner or employee, this means you no longer have to rely on local, and passing, trade.

And with the recent global pandemic it’s never been made more obvious and vital to have a Plan B!

Don’t forget this strategy has already enabled people to qualify for a Funded Account and if you haven’t already read about that you can do so here.

BTW, if you need to learn more about Forex this site has a very useful section with some free education and more. You’ll find that resource page here.


You deserve to feel confident & to be the best trader you can be.

The weekly webinars, the facebook group & live mentorship that are available empower you with the skill set needed and knowledge to help you build real wealth & time freedom.

Send me a friend request so I can add you to the facebook group and see how existing members are doing.

Learn More About the Custom Indicators You’ll Use via the Link Below