Forex Trade Examples

From time to time we will show examples of how the education from IMAcademy and information gained from the private Forex group available to IMAcademy members has helped.

And then, adding to that knowledge, how further information gained from STS, has helped to recognise certain price actions confirming the probability of a trade.

Forex trading is NEVER guaranteed, all you can do is increase the probability as much as possible.

The combination of the IMAcademy and STS training works very well.

The first image below shows the TradingView setup for the EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD and EUR/USD using the 5 minute timeframe.

The second image also shows the TradingView setup for the EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD and EUR/USD but this time with the undocked screens from MT4 directly underneath the corresponding pair.

You can see more about undocking the currency pair screens from MT4, and where to get it free, here.

By doing this we can watch both sets of main charts at the same time.

The third image shows an MT4 tab moved to one side so you can check if the lower indicators are supporting an entry.

To enlarge each image click on it and a new tab will open. You will not lose this page.


Image 1 – TradingView Main Charts & Lower Indicators


Image 2 – Trading View Main Charts and Undocked MT4 Windows


Image 3 – TradingView & Undocked MT4 Windows with EURGBP Moved to Show Lower Indicators