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EA Forex Trading

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Forex Trading is NOT for Everyone!

But EA Forex Trading Definitely is!

For every 100 people who try to learn Forex trading only 5 succeed by getting consistently good results.

The other 95% think their chance to make money has gone…It hasn’t!

Many people, of all ages, are using this education and trading service which, in 2020, gave them the results shown below.

The 2020 monthly average for is 27% and when you consider banks pay about 0.60% A YEAR you can understand why people choose this route.

And the current year, so far?

Jan 2021 – 21.78%

Feb 2021 – 21.03%

The company responsible is a ‘renegade’ in the regulated world of finance where the rules seem only to exist to try and stop the well intentioned ‘renegades’ from giving people a bigger slice of the cake.

Banks and huge trading firms want that cake for themselves and, some say, they may possibly be encouraging regulatory bodies in different countries to help them achieve their goals of making life difficult for any ‘Robin Hood’ type of company.

If banks are making, let’s say, 15% per month trading with their customer’s money where’s the justification in paying them only about 0.60% annually?

Banks are using your money and paying you the equivalent of about 0.050% a month!!

Honestly, how can that be justified and morally acceptable?

The average of those 2020 monthly figures is 27% so $1000 with this company would give the same return as $540,000 in a bank. (27% divided by 0.050% = 540.00)

Got a spare half million have you!?

Then there’s the ‘hidden’ benefit where you could make even more money with this company because you are paid in Bitcoin.

Yes, it will have short term ups and downs but it’s going to keep rising and, therefore, so will any Bitcoin balance you’re holding after a withdrawal.

Look at the image below and see what’s happened to Bitcoin since March 13 – 2020.

And now that Paypal are using it and big institutions are buying it will rise further making the increase like having a passive income.

For news on Bitcoin institutional purchases you can regularly check this site.

Two more very interesting articles about Bitcoin can be found here and here.

The links open on a new page and you do not lose the one you’re on.

Another reason to consider using this company is this…

Warren Buffett is a straight talker and in his recent annual shareholder report he informed investors that ‘retirees face a bleak future.’

This partly relates to the weak financial state of nearly every pension fund in the world…and that makes retirement prospects even worse.

For example, the US Social Security program is underfunded by tens of trillions of dollars according to the program’s Trustees (which include the Treasury Secretary of the United States).

Social Security finances have been so poorly managed that the trust funds are forecast to run out of money in 2029.

Two articles about the bad state of Pension Funds can be read here and here.

More information about the pension crisis can be read here. You’ll also find a lot more by Googling the subject: pension fund crisis.

It’s extremely unlikely the government will be able to come to the rescue of the funds because they already have a multi-trillion dollar deficit and, besides, the continual printing of FIAT money only makes the situation worse!

Sadly, this pension fund crisis is not exclusive to the USA.

So, many retirees really do face bleak futures unless they can find ways to increase their incomes.

And finally, in a recent video the company’s Marketing Director is on record as saying that, although the company is currently unavailable in the USA it is actively seeking a Forex broker fully compliant for that market.

And, to ensure full SEC compliance with their business model the company has appointed a Washington DC based legal team headed up by the ex lead Litigation lawyer for the Securities Exchange Commission.


  • Every Member Makes Money
  • Established business-minimum start cost BTC$300
  • Self-funding after that and no monthly fees ever!
  • Build slowly, or quickly, to BTC$100k level then repeat
  • To be clear-one payment & NO MORE out-of-pocket costs
  • Excellent rewards for active members

If you’d like to learn how you can also access the higher rates shown in the image above please contact Philip Selwood on Facebook