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Funded Forex Trading 


That’s Why Some Forex Traders Profit Faster Than Others!


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Funded Forex Trading is where a company gives you access to a pre-selected amount for you to trade.

With one particular funding company, you would gain access to, profits are shared on the basis of 30% to them and 70% to you.

Another useful point is that you are NOT financially liable for any trading losses. But if you start losing too many trades your access to funds will be withdrawn, which is understandable.

You would need to prove you are capable of producing consistent monthly profits by applying for, and taking, a 3 month trial using a demo account, not your own money.

First you need a proven strategy to make your Funded Forex Trading a success

The Forex education company on this page has already helped some of their members go through the training process using their Price Action strategy.

Stay with One Strategy to Succeed!

One of the members, Alex, recently qualified for a $100,000 funded account and then further qualified for $250,000.

Another, Steve,who I also know qualified for a $50,000 account and that will also soon be increased to $100,000.

With this company you can have up to $300,000 to trade with while another company allows a maximum of $500,000…and there are other members getting close to trading accounts with those amounts.

The education company also has access to several other funding sources.

And by being a member you’ll be added to the Telegram group where you can ask existing traders, who are already using a Funded Account, for their advice on the best way to achieve this goal.

Ok, so let’s stop and think about this for a minute…

…if we assume you’re trading with $1000 how long would it take you to reach $100,000?

Now let’s assume you’re trading with a $300,000 funded account and you make a monthly profit of 15%.

The profit is $45,000…and 70% of that is $31,500 which would be paid to you each month…

How many months would it now take you to reach $100,000?


To Summarize


Experienced & New Forex Traders – When Your Capital is Not Enough


You only need to know One Proven Trading Strategy

Learn – Take a Test – Qualify – ACCESS UP TO $300,000 FOR TRADING

Monthly profit share: 30% to the funding company – 70% TO YOU!

Also access up to $500,000 for trading with you getting 50% profit share!

Your own money not required for trading – No trading loss liability

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