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Multiple Confirmation Trades


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Imagine you have one indicator which is based on 10 data points…that’s the Trade Confirmer

Then you have a group of several other indicators giving extra confirmation of a likely trade.

You have a Multiple Indicator Strategy.

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The Trade Confirmer Uses 10 Data Points – GBP/CHF September 10

Notice the solid green arrow at the top, that was not a confirmed setup and you will learn why as a member.

Now notice the large solid red arrow, the red symbols at the bottom, indicating the direction, and the red slide bar to the lower left indicating the % probability.

These are just part of how your decision to enter a trade is made.


Multiple Confirmation – GBP/CHF September 10

Japanese Candles on the Left – Heiken Ashi Candles on the Right


The Trade Confirmer Uses 10 Data Points – CAD/JPY August 28


Multiple Confirmation with Japanese Candles CAD/JPY August 28


Multiple Confirmation with Heiken Ashi Candles – CAD/JPY August 28


When the Heiken Ashi candles have flat bottoms (no wicks) it’s an indication of a strong uptrend.

When they have flat tops (no wicks) that indicates a strong downtrend. In themselves Heiken Ashi become another indicator.

Other indicators used are: RSI, AO-MACD and the Vortex.

The first indicator is exclusive for STS members and you can read more about STS here.

The GAP signal is our own development.

You will need a TradingView Pro+ account for this setup which you can get here.

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