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Have You Ever Bought a Forex Trading Course?

Was it a two day event and how much was it?

$2000? $4000? $5000?

Did you buy it?

Did you learn enough to start trading on your own? 

Did they say you could start trading with real money?

Did you come away feeling lost?

Did you feel there should be more?

Probably, the only people making money were the ones selling the course!

They Were Selling You the Dream!

Here’s the reality…

Forex Traders Profit – but ONLY with the Right Education!

…and that can take months of regular training, study and support!

You do not have to pay a huge upfront fee for this education and one of the first facts you will learn is to start trading using ONLY a demo account.

NEVER EVER start trading with real money! You WILL lose it!

And you do NOT need to be in front of your computer all day 5 days a week.

Of the two options available IM Academy is the first choice if you have very little or no knowledge of trading.

Their video academy takes you through all aspects of trading, MT4, what a Stoploss is and a lot more.

The facebook group, for our team members, is very useful as some of the more experienced traders create their own strategies.

They test them first, with their own trading, and then make them available for all the group members, along with video explanations. This help is always free!

The other option, Simple Trading Solutions, assumes you have some existing trading experience.

Every Monday Ken, the owner, runs one of his Zoom webinars and publishes a private member list of about 20 currency pairs which have immediate trade potential.

Members take his suggestions and regularly make money from them. In addition, the exclusive indicators he’s created, which members use, work very well!

Start with IM Academy and let your journey to developing a new skillset begin!