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Financial Freedom Information


Desire – A Mentor – A Skillset – A Plan – Focus

Knowledge – Information – Persistence – Patience – Tenacity



For this, or any, plan to work you need all of the above


And if the following is part of the plan…you have a huge benefit!

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.’

I am not a financial advisor and I will not give you any financial advice. I was actually a mortgage broker and creating a strategy is something I’m good at.

What you are buying are sources of information to help you make a substantial amount of money and further information to enable that money to be legally tax free.

I originally created this plan, with Albert Einstein’s statement in mind, because I wanted to create a financial legacy for my family and I hope that’s what you will do for yours.

The article that led me to creating this plan can be read here.

When I described my thoughts to a couple of friends they suggested it would be a useful package to help others do the same.

In the information you will receive are several specialist websites I found which I kept a record of for my own future use.

This research took about 2-3 years and, I estimate, roughly 1000-1400 hours or about 10 hours a week.

Finding these sites and then ‘joining all the dots’ took another 4-6 months as I hadn’t realised how useful the information could be used when it was all linked together.

There were other sites I decided not to use because of the amateur way information was presented and, it seemed to me, the people were often more interested in selling than being specialists in their respective fields.

The final short list is, I feel, the best and most reliable knowledge and information available for the purpose I had in mind.

Putting it another way, you can start today, not in 2 or 3 years from now, after spending months searching and getting frustrated, like I did!

When you’re not sure what’s available how do you know what search phrases to use!?

That, indeed, was my major challenge.

By the way, you will see me use words like: about, roughly, approximately etc. because I can’t be specific about the timeframe. There are too many variables involved.

As my research continued I knew I wanted the profits to be legally tax free because it was obvious that the potential tax savings would be huge!

I hate the idea of paying tax on my earnings because, in my view, the way governments spend tax payers money is often bordering on irresponsible! (I’m being polite!)

As an example, look at the money wasted by the UK government in the Covid 19 panic!

And here’s another example of how money was allowed to be used for a purpose not originally intended.

My plan is to provide for my family not to let some reckless government squander the tax money I would pay them!

Avoid Tax not Evade!

I wanted a legal tax free strategy so my family would benefit 100% from my efforts and ideas.

I discovered that a tax free status can be achieved by having a legal residency in another country….but it has to be the right country.

That’s right!…you will have to move and create a residency status in another country, but don’t dismiss that idea…

I now know there are countries that offer that service without having to live there all year…

Also, and I quote: ‘Legally avoid taxes on any income earned outside the country, such as a pension, interest, dividends, capital gains, or your actual salary if you work remotely online.’

My personal living strategy is to be resident of ‘a certain country’ (for a few weeks each year) and spend time in each of the following: UK, South Africa and Kenya where I have family.

The work is all online so location is unimportant, you just need to make sure the internet service is good and your tax strategy is set up correctly.

Also, like any other business, you will have further costs, such as subscriptions, but these can come from the profit you make.

You will have a lot to learn and, sometimes, you’ll feel like giving up and, equally, there will be times when substantial profits just ‘fall into your lap.’

Life can be like that…you work for months and get nothing…and suddenly you wake up one morning and you’ve made a lot of money overnight!

The key is to NEVER EVER give up.

Let’s look at some projections in which you’ll begin to see the effect of compounding.

As you read the next sections, and look at the spreadsheets, remember this is a long term strategy combining the effects of compounding, a change of location with some strategic tax planning…and you!

Personal Forex Account 1 (PA1)

I would strongly advise that you DO NOT start trading with real money until you have mastered the strategy I will introduce you to.

Once you have started real trading this is what could happen.

As you can see after the $50,000 withdrawal you could miss one month and then continue to withdraw $28,000 each month while maintaining a trading balance of about $28,000.

That’s the power of compounding!

Of course, this is subject to you being successful with your trading.

Please remember, all the figures in the spreadsheet screenshots on this page are examples and are not a guarantee of results.


The Funded Account

More details will become available to you as your training progresses.

The funding companies have certain trading restrictions which is why I use only 20% in the figures below.

Imagine, if you started with $1000 of your own money, how long would it take to build that up to $500,000?

Funding of $500,000 and 20%/month profit = $100,000 with average 50% profit share = $50,000/month.

You can read about one funding company here.

By the way, you are not liable for any losses using this service.


Personal Forex Account 2 (PA2)     Started with $50k from Personal Forex Account 1 (PA1)

PA1 is for income and PA2 is to fund the Legacy Account with the balance added to your income – see below.

Assume PA2 monthly withdrawals of 200k x 10 = 2.00m less 1m each year for the Legacy Account = 1.00m

$28,000                       From PA1

$50,000                       Funded Account profit share

$78,000 x 10 months = $780,000 + $1,000,000 = $1,780,000

You could have up to $1.78 million each year as an income.

Stop and think for a minute…suppose you had to pay tax at a 30% rate.

That would be $534,000 which, I feel, is a good enough reason for wanting this to be tax free!

Of course, you could always stay where you are and pay the tax…

I’ve also used 10 months, not 12, because you’ll lose 2 weeks over Xmas and New Year…and then you’ll be taking some breaks which is why I have factored in another 6 weeks for a total of 8.

You’ll need, and deserve, those breaks!

Now, on to the Legacy Account…

The Legacy Account

You’ll see from the three images I have used different rates of annual interest, the first is 40%, the second 30% and the third 20%.

Look at Year 7 (Y7) in the red box to see the difference compounding over 7 years can make for each %.

How will my own Legacy plan make its annual return?

By diversification…

Some Forex, crypto, stocks, gold, silver and property. There will also be some private invitations from two of the contacts I have in the list.

For the Legacy account Forex can be day trades while crypto will be some trading and some long term holds.

Stocks, which would have a leaning towards tech and Blockchain, will also be a longer term strategy…sometimes for several months. 

Regarding Crypto, just because Bitcoin has reached $40,000 in January you have not missed that boat.

We could still be looking at a further increase to $500,000 as governments insist on printing more FIAT money causing a weakening of their currency.

I believe Bitcoin will rise much further and there will also be many other Cryptos that will return 300, 400, even 500%+ in 2021.

And talking of Crypto…one of my sources of information will tell you about a new asset class called Tech Royalties from which you can generate income from your cryptos, even bitcoin.

What’s useful about these Royalties is you get capital appreciation along with large 10%-plus yields.

So as bitcoin, and other cryptos, increase in value the income you generate will also rise. You will be advised the best Royalties to get.

With property I am in a position to source some interesting opportunities for a capital gain in the UK, South Africa and Kenya.

My personal choice is not to make any withdrawals from this account in order to maximise the compound effect.

Cash is King and Always Will Be!

Once you’ve started the Legacy account you’ll find different deals in crypto, stocks and property will come to your attention and any one of the annual % returns below could apply.

The way this will happen is by sticking to the strategy!

Legacy Spreadsheets

Please note that the spreadsheet formula is compounding the annual % based on the Starting Amount for each year.

So, for the first year it’s either 40%/30%/20% using $200,000.

The extra $1m is added at the year end and included in the compounding for the following year.

If you were to add $200,000 monthly the compounding effect would be slightly greater.



%      Year      Projected USD

40      7           24,961,646

30      7           17,837,809

20      7           12,632,540

It’s interesting to note that although 40% is twice 20% in Year 10 the Projected USD for 40% is three times as much as the 20%!

And that, as I’ve previously said, is the power of compounding…and you’re welcome to get your calculator out and check the figures. 🙂

Better still, ask me for a copy of the Excel Spreadsheet and add your own figures.

As I said before – Cash is King and Always Will Be!

Part of my strategy with the Legacy account is to always keep 10% to 15% available in cash. There will always be someone who needs to sell something and that’s how great deals are made.

Considering the annual %’s I have used above it’s interesting to note that one source of information you’ll have access to recently sent me an email stating that their portfolio has, since June 2016, achieved an average annual return of just over 200%…that is NOT a typo…200% annual average!

This is due to Asset diversification of the portfolio.

I have to state very clearly that past results are no guarantee of future results…but it’s the same people helping you.

BTW, the S&P 500 average annual return was 17.1% .

The harder you work the ‘luckier’ you get!

What I will now show you are the first two parts to this strategy which will enable you to start making your first profits and, hopefully, help you start to build some trust in me and what I offer.

You can read more about them on other pages of this website after which I hope you’ll start to realise the potential of this plan.

Your First & Second Steps

It’s best to take one step at a time simply because the money you make from the first pays for the second.

And the fee to take the Funded Account challenge can come from the profits of either the first or second step.

The first step is and consists of Belal’s academy and Telegram app.

His academy teaches people about the Blockchain and it’s the app where he gives information that has recently helped people achieve 200% to 1400% increases. It’s a good way to start.

The second step is and this is where you will learn the skillset that will become the foundation for your initial capital growth.

Ken, who runs the education and training company, has created the best support group I have ever been a member of.

I know that sounds like a cliche but it’s the only way I can express it.

Never be afraid to ask a question in the group because there is always someone else who wanted to ask the same and plenty of the other members can still remember when they first started.

As the image above says: the expert at anything was once a beginner.

It’s here where I first heard the phrase ‘funded account’ and, as you have read above that is the best strategy for accelerating your profits.

Once you’re on board (that’s means you’ve paid me) I show you the sources where you can start learning how to take the necessary steps for making your profits legally tax free. (that’s one of the sites)

Some of their information is free and some you’ll have to pay for.

I will also be giving you some other sites that will help you make further profits from information supplied so you can continue to build your own Legacy plan.

Some of their information is also free and some you’ll have to pay for.

These are the sites that have the potential to substantially increase your gains and compound even more.

Information Has a Value

Benefits Gained by Using That Information?

Priceless and Life Changing!

Your initial out of pocket costs are my $500 BTC for:

The strategy and 1-2-1 on-going personal support from me via zoom discussions.

My list of specialists who advise how your profits can be tax free.

My list of specialists who advise you of other opportunities in Stocks, Crypto, Private Investments, Property and other niches.

It’s the information these specialists supply that will help you with the projected % annual gains in the Legacy Spreadsheets you saw previously.

The cost for Belal’s Academy and app.

Acting on the information Belal sends (buying the coins he’s analized) only takes a few minutes via a Crypto Exchange such as Binance.

So you may want to consider starting with STS, at the same time, and learning the strategy that kickstarts this plan.

But, remember, that cost could come from the profits you make with Belal. For the fuller summary you read back on the Intro page go here. A new tab will open so you won’t lose this page.

I was recently asked this question: Why are your contacts, and this plan, worth paying $500 for?

Luckily, a few days before I was emailed an example from one of my contacts.

He told me of a client with a 2021 target profit of $2.5 million.

The tax liability forecast was about $1 million…for 2021!

Let’s just assume, for a moment, that level of taxation was the same for 5 years.

You can either think in terms of $1 million a year or $5 million over 5 years.

It’s not just the tax that’s gone…think of the extra opportunity, and profit, another million dollars a year could make!

The client has now relocated and had a strategy created specific to his needs.

Yes, there will be fees to pay but that $5 million will probably make another several million.

How much is a complete guess!…just say a lot!

Just recently I’ve been invited to a 4 day conference with such speakers as:

ROBERT KIYOSAKI – Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

MIKHEIL SAAKASHVILI – Former President of Georgia

ROGER VER – Cryptocurrency Investor and Promoter

And several more.

They will be talking about money, investments, residency, tax reduction etc.

These are the events I will help you learn about which would probably take you months to discover.

My contacts can help you re-locate after proper research and planning, create your tax free structure, dramatically improve your lifestyle and quality of life and because of no tax liability you’ll be able save money MUCH FASTER with the added benefit of compounding.

Crypto Trading

Another addition will be a semi-automated Crypto currency trading platform which alerts members to suitable trades.

This works without you spending hours staring at charts and trying to analyse candle movement.

You DO NOT send your trading money to some mysterious company and you keep 100% of the profits made from your trades.

The business is NOT an MLM and your account, and funds, are with which is the largest Crypto exchange, trusted and reliable.

Minimum trading balance is advised to be $3000 and it’s not unheard of for people to trade with $100,000 and more.

Their most recent monthly % win rates for 2020 are:

December – 85.07      November – 81.25      October – 78.67      September – 73.27

August – 77.11           July – 84.00               June – 83.00           May – 71.00

There’s much less learning to do here compared with the Forex so as part of my initial Zoom discussion with you we can explore the possibility of you starting with this first.

It would mean you have a larger initial outlay but with a quicker return.

It’s not only what you know it’s very much who you know and planning the right steps!

As I have said, I created this plan for my family and I hope you have the same goal for yours.

If you need any more reasons please read this page called Alarm Bells and in particular read the section about Pensions. You will be shocked.

And finally…if you do decide this is a strategy you can work with, once you’ve paid the $500 don’t think you’ve got rid of me 🙂

First, I’m in the Forex trading support group you would be a member of and second, as I’m VERY keen on making the profits tax free when I see other information relating to that subject, from people I trust, I’ll be telling you.

To contact me for a chat, and any questions you have, you can either use this number for Whatsapp +44 7770 378191 or connect with me in facebook.

Whichever you use please say you’re contacting me regarding the Legacy plan.


Doing so possibly helps feed a Ponzi scam

I look forward to helping you create your own family legacy…

Best wishes



Mindset – The Final Word…well, words 🙂

I have no doubt that using Belal, the Forex trading group and strategy you will be able to start building your capital base.

Then, using the information supplied to you by the contacts I have built up, your capital with dramatically increase with compounding and time.

Don’t forget I am also taking this same path so whenever I have some useful updates I will be telling you.

If you can stay focused, and follow this through with the right mind-set and my encouragement, you have a good chance of success. FOCUS!

The mind plays games when you’re trying to achieve a goal with no one to help you through the low times. I have experienced that and I know how helpful it is to have someone you can turn too.

You can’t put a value on that kind of support which is why I’ll be available for private Zoom chats.

Now watch this video of a little girl and see what happens because she had someone to encourage her.

Watch for the expression of success on her face…that can be you!


To contact me for a chat, and any questions you have, you can either use this number for Whatsapp +44 7770 378191 or connect with me in facebook.

Whichever you use please say you’re contacting me regarding the Legacy plan.

No Matter What Happens in Your Life You Can Start Over!