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Financial Freedom Information Intro

Working from home on the internet can, sometimes, be very lonely…

The mind plays tricks on you when something goes wrong and if there’s nobody you can turn too it seems like you’re sinking.

I know because I’ve been there…sometimes talking to a close friend helps and, sometimes, it doesn’t

The best solution is support from a like-minded person…someone who’s following the same path as you…has, probably, faced the very same challenges.

So, with that in mind, imagine you have a money making skillset, you can use online, that’s not dependent on selling, marketing, face-to-face meetings, passing trade or building a team of mlm affiliates.

Also imagine being able to talk with specialists who would advise on how to create a personalised strategy enabling your profits, from this new skillset and knowledge, to be legally tax free.

The extra money, that would have been tax, can be used to further increase your profits and the compounding.

Finally, imagine having access to those same, and other, specialists whose knowledge, which has already helped other people, is now helping you achieve further capital growth of, potentially, several million USD.

For example:

One specialist helped create a plan to save a client over $356,000 in taxes each year. By following the plan over the next 6 years means a saving of $2 million, plus other gains made by using the extra money!

A Bitcoin investor who will save about $1,250,000 in the short term and again, plus other gains made by using the extra money!

Legacy Plan Summary

The Legacy Plan consists of the following:

1-Receiving specific Crypto Currency recommendations from Belal Miah, via an App, along with a comprehensive course about the Blockchain and Crypto Currencies.

2-Learning one Forex trading strategy with Simple Trading Solutions. You will have exclusive indicators to help you enter trades while developing your new skillset.

You will have regular training videos and Discord community support. 

This training has already enabled some members to qualify for a Funded Account of up to $600k+ with an average 60/40 profit share. You, the trader, receive the 60%.

3-Using a semi-automated Crypto Currency alert service which, in 2020, produced 2601 day trading signals with a 79% win rate.  

1 & 3-Requires you taking a decision to enter a trade after receiving an alert. You do not have to study charts unless you choose to.

None of the above requires sending money to an online anonymous trading/investment business which may be a ponzi scam.

The plan is to compound profits from the above to substantially build capital which can be legally tax free (optional) for faster growth.


4-A list of websites/individuals, sourced by me over 2-3 years, offering strategies and information leading to other types of bigger trades, again, with the option for all profits to be tax free.

These trades can be: Stocks, longer term Crypto trades, gold, silver, property and private offers.

Private offers can be extremely profitable but carry greater risk.

The people who can advise how to structure your business arrangements to be legally tax free are in this section.

By Year 4 the savings from the tax free element could, potentially, be millions of dollars which can be used to generate more profits. You’ll see how and why on the main page.

And for those times when you feel like you’re not progressing I will be there to offer a weekly private 1-1 Zoom call with you for 30 minutes just to encourage you. We all need that sometimes.

For that reason, and the fact I am following this plan myself which needs time, this offer is not being developed into a business so I will have a limit of 40 active members after which the offer will be withdrawn.

So, with that potential would you stay focused on a 7 year plan, to create a legacy for your family, if the objective was to make about $12 million plus?…not forgetting the option of your profits being tax free!


My fee for planning, supplying the names in 4 and personal Zoom support is $550 in Bitcoin.

1 and 2 have their own fees which you will see before you join.

3-Fees apply but will come from profits provided by 1 and 2.

4-Each contact has member fees but by the time you are ready to access their knowledge the fees will come from profits made using 1, 2 and 3.

Becoming knowledgeable about the tax free option will be the most important part. You’ll need that to start planning.

To see the details, projected returns etc, please go to the main page here.