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Crypto Currency Mentoring


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Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced, or more knowledgeable, person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

The mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored, but they must have a certain area of expertise.

And so it is with Belal who I have known for about 6 years.

After being introduced to bitcoin by a close friend, he started mining it in 2013 and quickly developed a real passion for blockchain technology.

It was about that time he began sharing his knowledge using social media platforms.

Over the years, Belal has been mentoring thousands of individuals worldwide to help them understand the potential of the blockchain and crypto currency.

And in 2017, realising the growing interest in bitcoin was leading to an increase in the number of scam projects, he began creating a course to help people understand the technology and so avoid falling victim to the scams.

This developed into a series of courses and the Blockchain Training Academy officially launched in 2019.


The Academy Crypto Blockchain Essentials Main Menu


Section 1 – Crypto Essentials Menu

This section alone contains 9 hours 18 minutes of video education PLUS many written notes


Section 2 – Crypto Trading Essentials Menu


Section 3 – Cryptonomics Menu


Section 4 – DeFi Essentials & What is DeFi?


Section 8 – Blockchain Projects

This is a list of the best blockchain projects selected by the founder of the Blockchain Training Academy and is, therefore, available only for members.


The App

It gets better…using an app, available for both Apple and Android, he informs members of his market analyses, his personal current research and low cap projects with high potential.

He is not a financial advisor and does not give advice on when to buy or sell.

He will simply study the fundamentals of a project and let people know, immediately via the app, which ones are likely to do well.

His method of studying the various projects enables him to see through the gloss and hype and decide if a coin is worth following or not.

His analyses have saved many people from making rash decisions and, as he said to me recently ‘I highlight top projects and I know my stuff.’

Remember, he’s been educating and mentoring people about the Blockchain and Crypto currencies since 2013.

The app membership is for those who like to know about his assessments as early as possible.

When, in what he describes as ‘research mode’ he’ll post a few words on the app immediately.

It may be a week, or more, before his full report is published in the academy where the members get a more in depth video, and content about the projects mentioned in the app…

Obviously receiving this information, via the app, as soon as he recognises the potential could have some advantages for those who take immediate action.

As to the frequency of the telegram app summaries? That cannot be predicted.

I do know this about Belal, he will ONLY post a summary when he feels there is genuine potential otherwise his impartiality and reputation would be in doubt!

Here are some examples of his work…The first is a company called RFI and to go from 14 cents to $2.00 is an increase of about 1300%.


Here’s another where I asked a question about an 8000% return over 12 months.

And another giving an overnight increase…

And finally, one example where he first mentioned a company at 50 cents.

If you look at the OMG page on CoinMarketsCap you’ll see the price went as high as $24.48 but I’d say it was extremely doubtful you’d still be in it then.

If you bought at .50 cents by the time it reached $2.50 or, perhaps $5.00 you would have sold and with a very nice profit!

That’s Definitely Crypto Currency Mentoring!


Here’s another post he made on January 2-2021 showing a post he made December 2019. He’s pretty good at his assessments and that’s why his Academy and App are worth it.

Thousands of people around the world are learning how to improve their future

for themselves and their family using the internet and cryptocurrencies.

Isn’t it time you did the same?


The Academy Crypto Blockchain Essentials is one payment of $100

Access to the App for those Early Notifications is $20/Month

That’s great value when you consider the wealth of knowledge Belal has available and the potential those early notifications can offer you.

The right place at the right time gives you that extra ‘price advantage’ edge!

Visit the…And Join Today!

Financial Freedom Information

Belal’s course is the first step in what I have called ‘The Legacy Plan.’

It’s a 7-10 year project I created to help a few people achieve financial freedom without getting caught up in the many scams that are on the internet.

The main feature is that you NEVER send money to some anonymous website offering high returns.

You ALWAYS use a proper broker of reputable exchange.

You can start reading more at